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How We Stack Up Against the Competition

When you are searching for a place to make a temporary home while traveling for work or for medical treatment, you want somewhere that feels like home and not like a hotel. Corporate Retreats International offers you far more amenities than your big-brand hotels, so you can feel right at home.


Upon arrival at an Intercontinental hotel after traveling, you pay your parking fees, head up to your 360-square-foot room, and place your room service order for dinner.


If you stay at the Marriott, you would be pay for parking each day and pay to eat out at restaurants.


Due to the small size of your room, visitors that want to stay with you while you’re at  the Westin would have to pay for their own room.

With Corporate Retreats International

At Corporate Retreats International, you can leave your car parked with no fee. Opening the door to your more than 700-square-foot apartment, you can look forward to cooking in your full-size kitchen that comes with dinnerware, blender, toaster, and more. Unpack your belongings with plenty of drawers and hang up your clothes in the large, walk-in closet. If a visitor wants to stay the night, your sofa bed can accommodate your guest.

When it comes to choosing a place to make a spacious home for you and your visitors while traveling, Houston short-term apartments with Corporate Retreats International are the most cost-effective, convenient, and welcoming option that offers you so much more.

How We Stack Up Against the Competition (Infographic)

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