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Essential Apartment Amenities Everyone Loves

Renting an apartment is common across the U.S., as 35% of households are renter-occupied, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2016 American Community Survey.1 That accounts for over 111 million residents and over 43.8 million households. The National Multifamily Housing Council noted similar statistics in 2014. With so many people renting, it’s not hard to imagine a lot of individuals, families, and even business travelers looking for full apartment amenities.

Apartment rental has become more than just about finding a year-to-year or month-to-month place to live. Companies such as Corporate Retreats International are offering even more flexibility. Clients can find temporary furnished apartments for as little as three nights, from furnished apartments inside The Loop to the Medical Center, Houston visitors may rent for convenient proximity to Texas Medical Center facilities.


Why It’s Important to Have Amenities

When people look to rent property, there are a few things they tend to look for. Aside from affordable monthly rent, these include location. This is especially true in large cities where proximity to transportation, food, shopping, and entertainment is important. Renters also look at the square footage to ensure the apartment meets their size needs.

Renovations are a key element as well. Tenants typically prefer something fresh and new and that feels like it’s their own. Renovated spaces are generally filled with amenities not yet used by anyone else.

These extras are important on two fronts. They add appeal so building owners and landlords can attract prospective tenants. For renters, it makes the space more functional and convenient. Many such conveniences in fully furnished apartments don’t add to the rent, although in-unit laundry can add about 5% to monthly payments.2 However, it somewhat offsets the costs of paying for loads at the laundry mat and those of fuel or transportation for getting there.

The more perks an apartment has, the more viable it is in a competitive rental market. On average, the vacancy rate in the U.S. is at a 40-year high, at about 8%.3 More people are choosing to live closer to where they work. To meet the demand and fill their rentals, property builders and owners are focusing on creating amenity-filled apartments.

Must-Have Amenities


There are some things apartment dwellers must have. A fully furnished space, however, takes the must-haves to a new level by saving you lots of money. Whether you’re visiting temporarily or looking for a long-term living situation, what’s included can make a big difference in your experience.

An apartment amenities checklist can range from the bare essentials to extra luxuries. The must-haves all depend on your unique preferences. Here is a rundown of the things in our fully furnished apartments Houston clients have been able to enjoy.

  • Full kitchens: Many rentals include the silverware, glassware, dishes, bowls, cutting boards, serving pieces, and cleaning implements (vacuum cleaners, brooms, mops) dwellers need. They can move in ready to serve guests and prepare home-cooked meals.
  • Modern, efficient appliances: Stainless steel and energy-efficient appliances are highly valued. It’s common to see toasters, microwaves, can openers, coffee makers, and more already installed and plugged in. These are typically in top condition when you move in, so there’s no need to go out and buy all new appliances.Our luxury apartments include microwaves, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and alcoves for computers, plus washer and dryer units that will be discussed in more detail below. Plus, tenants have full use of refrigerators, ice makers, and stoves.
  • Fully furnished: From full bedroom sets complete with television sets, clock radios, pillows and sheets, and blankets to fully functional bathrooms with towels, mats, shower curtains, soap, toilet paper, and wastebaskets, rental apartments can have every amenity you must have to live. Your living room can have a sofa, chairs, coffee table, flat screen TV, lamps, and DVD player to make it comfortable, inviting, and entertaining.

At our executive apartments, Houston visitors and residents can enjoy having more than the basic living essentials. They’re fully furnished and complemented by an array of amenities people long for in any city.


  • Washer/dryer: Most people, including millennials, are quite satisfied with the idea of an in-unit washer and dryer. This extra might take up limited space, but stacked units suit tight spaces and are just as functional. Laundry facilities in the building are an acceptable alternative. Tenants often prefer them to traveling to a laundromat, even if they need to go to another floor or the basement.
  • Outdoor space: Whether it raises the rent or not, a place to get fresh air is a luxury. Balconies and terraces enable you to sit outside, enjoy the sun, have a barbeque, or read a newspaper outside. You can also gather with family and friends in a private, communal setting.
  • Parking: On-premise garages and parking spaces offer an attractive alternative to street parking. Aside from the security, this amenity allows renters to park closer to their homes without having to stress over finding a spot.
  • Pet-friendly: This is by far one of the most popular amenities of 2017.4 Tens of millions of renters own pets, and not accommodating them will mean potential tenants will look somewhere else. According to an American Pet Products Association survey,5 over 47% of U.S. households own a cat and over 60% own a dog. Fish, reptiles, horses, and small animals are popular as well.
  • Fitness areas: These facilities are popular among all age groups interested in staying active and fit. They can support everything from exercise bikes to treadmills, to group training activities and yoga within walking distance of one’s apartment.
  • Pools: A community pool is great for taking a swim on any day, enjoying some time outdoors, or mingling with neighbors in a convenient communal space. It’s also an ideal location to let the kids have some fun.
  • Security: Preferred security elements include a gated entrance and controlled access, adequate outdoor lighting, deadbolt door locks, and alarm systems. There’s no reason renters shouldn’t feel secure. In fact, security may be a reason they select a given property.
  • Storage: In addition to sufficient closet space (including walk-in closets) and storage sheds, on-site rental storage areas are a great draw.

Top Amenities People Look For

The best apartment amenities overall include an in-unit washer and dryer, fully furnished apartments, dishwashers, utilities, and a balcony. Short term furnished apartments from Corporate Retreats are pet-friendly and include popular community amenities such as pools, parking, fitness centers, gated access, and proximity to transportation thoroughfares as well as bus or light rail service.

Our luxury apartments offer more in terms of comfort. For an extended stay, Museum District, Texas Medical Center, and Houston renters in general can enjoy the feeling of nine- or ten-foot ceilings, elegant architectural columns, rustic wood floors, and the functionality of computer alcoves. Additionally, our property offers a resort-style pool with poolside barbeque grills, lush landscaping, on-site mail delivery, and on-site maintenance personnel to provide tenants with a well-rounded experience.

However, that’s not all. Extra cool apartment amenities are offered, such as weekly maid service, and a carpet shampoo and deodorize, for one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments. Luxury apartment renters have the option of 19-, 27-, 32-, or 42-inch flat screen TVs, a DVD player, sleeper sofa, living room chair, dining chair, recliner, and baby items such as cribs, linens, and high chairs. Apartments with handicapped access are available, and our maintenance departments can install handrails, special shower heads, and other equipment.

Fully Equipped Housing Accommodations in Houston


Fully furnished apartments from Corporate Rentals International are available for short- and extended stays. On the road, staying temporarily, or establishing yourself long-term? Find out how you can enjoy the comfort of home with a full set of apartment amenities at an attractive price—browse our locations and apartment packages and call 713-665-7777 for assistance today!


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