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It’s Too Darn Hot

Houston skyline on a sunny day.

Many people refer to Houston as a cultural melting pot. One may wonder if this is because Houston is truly a diverse city, or because it’s just so incredibly hot. Although the pun may have been unintended, summer days in Houston are on average 99 degrees and humid. Although it’s perfect weather for a swim and even makes for nature’s greatest Sauna, the heat in Houston may sometimes be too much to bear. So what can one do in this town when it’s just too darn hot?

Shop till you drop

There is nothing quite as cooling and relaxing as some retail therapy. Houston is home to some of the world’s biggest malls. The Galleria is haven of approximately 24 million international shoppers annually. With over 375 stores, an ice rink, and plenty of restaurants, the Galleria is one of Houston’s top A.C. destinations. Another notable mall is the Memorial City Mall, where one can enjoy the lounge recliner seats at the Cinemark Memorial City.

Take Advantage of your Amenities

All of our Corporate Retreats International locations feature wonderful amenity centers with media rooms and pools. Worth a visit, especially on a hot, summer day.

We Scream for Ice Cream

Let’s face it… Houston and ice cream are like golf and business meetings, fishing and country music, or pretzels and peanut butter. They are meant to be together. There are many, many ice cream shops in Houston, but the recent opening of the Cloud 10 Creamery in Midtown has changed the game. The location is perfect for a nice evening outing, and only minutes away from Montrose.

Artful Adventure

Houston is infamous for it’s Museum District which boasts 19 museums of all varieties. Some of the most popular include Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Natural Science, which are walking distance from one another. For those seeking aesthetic and culture, this would be your spot. After museum hopping during the day, one can enjoy a pleasant evening at the Houston Zoo, which is open from 5 to 8 every weekend until August 8.