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Make Your Trip Feel Like Home

While traveling can be fun, it certainly doesn’t replace the comfortable feeling of home. A typical hotel doesn’t give you everything you might need when you’re away on business, for medical needs or even for pleasure. Have you ever entertained the idea of looking into fully furnished apartments to make your trip more enjoyable? Corporate Retreats International makes this concept a gratifying reality. Learn these secrets to relish your time away rather than dread it.


Eating Out Is Overrated

No one wants to cook all the time, but eating three meals a day at a restaurant gets tiring. The choices aren’t always healthy and going out for everything is exhausting. Ordering in usually involves a minimum for delivery, plus you may not always be able to find something that sounds appetizing.

Wouldn’t it be more relaxing to be able to shop and cook just like you’re at home? A traditional hotel room doesn’t offer all of the amenities you would need but extended-stay-type facilities do. Imagine stocking your fridge with Greek yogurt and other supplies and being able to cook whatever piques your interest. A kitchen can make a hotel feel more like home.


Living Space

Corporate apartments are temporary furnished housing. That means you get a lot more than just a bed. They often feature large closets and generous bathrooms. They also provide guests sofas in the living area and usable desks. Other creature comforts can include dining tables, dishwashers, and microwaves. This leaves you to carry on your business just like you’re at home.


Make It Your Own

One thing about a hotel room is that it’s not your style. Maybe the sun shines on the bed early in the morning or there’s not enough light over the desk. Perhaps you keep tripping over a wastebasket or get a crick in the neck watching TV. Go for it! Rearrange things to fit your needs, and it’ll begin to feel a bit more like home.


Bring Entertainment

Are there specific TV shows you watch or music you enjoy listening to? Bring a laptop, tablet, or other device preloaded with all of your favorite entertainment. Sometimes Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming services offer free trials. They can be another source of TV shows and movies, so you can watch what you would at home. Some cable providers also provide streaming services for when you’re away from home. Take advantage of all of the possible ways to stay busy.



Go for a Walk

Get out and go for a walk. Take in the neighborhood. Use the time to see what’s around you. Find places you might like to shop or grab a bite to eat. Explore. Learn the neighborhood. Find other points of interest to occupy your free time, like museums, parks, and shopping malls.


Keep a Routine

Get up and go to bed at the same time—preferably close to the times you usually do at home. Eat meals at regular times. Go to the gym or do the other activities are a part of your daily routine. Try to normalize as much as possible. You’ll find yourself much more at ease this way.


Take Some Time to Yourself

Whether you’re on business, on vacation, or on a medical trip, you should take some time to yourself. Binge watch your favorite show, read a book, do whatever you find refreshing. Regardless of why you’re on a trip, taking time to yourself to recharge is a must. Once you get worn down and stressed, homesickness sets in.


Be Prepared

Being prepared involves a lot more than bringing the right clothes. You should bring what you need to feel snug. Take your favorite piece of home with you (if you can), or something that reminds you of home. Take things that will help you sleep and/or adjust better.

If you have neck problems or are picky about pillows, bring your own (or ask the hotel if they have options). Pack earplugs and a face mask to ensure noise and light won’t interfere with your sleep. Bring shampoo or body wash if you are in love with your own. Gather supplies that make you feel at the top of your game.



You don’t live out of a suitcase at home, so you shouldn’t while you’re away, either. It’s a little detail, but it’ll go a long way toward helping you feel like less of a visitor and more of a resident. Put your clothes in the dresser. Neatly arrange your toiletries in the bathroom. Put your shoes in the closet instead of leaving them lying about. You’ll find yourself feeling much happier.


Keep It Orderly

Just because you’re not at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat it like home. You may get into the habit of carelessly throwing your things around while you’re away, but it’s best not to. Treat your room like you would your home. Keep things organized. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink for days and clothes all over the sofa. Staying organized will prevent you from losing anything, and the suite will feel more natural.


Don’t Go It Alone

Travel with Someone If you can, travel with someone. Spending too much time alone will leave you feeling depressed. It can be hard to spend all of your free time alone. Traveling with a companion will give you someone to talk to and eat with and provide you a sightseeing partner. Your trip will stop feeling like work or medical treatment and begin to feel like a vacation. Bringing someone along gets you out of the room and forces you to explore the city around you. You’ll feel more at ease, and loneliness won’t be as much of an issue.


Room with a Coworker It may sound strange, but, if you’re traveling with a coworker, why not share your room? Chances are it may feel a little awkward, at first, but it may grow on you. You’ll have someone to talk to, and you may even make a new friend.

Meet New People Don’t become a shut-in while you’re away. Talk to people in the dining room when you get breakfast in the morning. Go out on the town and make new friends. If you’re at a conference, find some co-attendees to kill time with. Alternately, you can utilize a meetup type of app or find a pickup sports game. Staying busy will keep loneliness at bay.


Find a Separate Workspace

It’s best if you don’t work in your room. It’s beneficial to separate work from leisure by keeping work in another location. The danger is that you’ll just work your waking hours away without recharging or enjoying the sights. No matter what the reason is for your trip, it doesn’t mean you have to be miserable cooped up and working in your room.


Consider Temporary Furnished Housing

An option that often goes unused is reserving short-term housing in a corporate apartment. Executive apartments offer much more than a hotel. It isn’t just a hotel, but a place to live. They have bedrooms, not just one common area. They have living rooms and dining rooms, too. They’re the kind of place you can truly call home for a day or a month.

With an executive apartment, you can have company, cook your dinners, and live just as you would at would at home. Plus, you can enjoy a fitness center, pool, and other resort-like amenities. It’s the perfect mix of home and vacation to keep you happy and healthy while you’re away.

Corporate Retreats International has plenty to offer travelers despite the reason you’re traveling. Call us at 713-665-7777 to reserve fully furnished apartments Houston.





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