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What Is Corporate Housing?

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When you have to travel for work frequently, you can usually get by with a hotel room or something similar, but, when you’re a business traveler who has to get through an extended period of work in a different city, you might want to consider more long-term solutions like corporate housing.

So, what is corporate housing? Corporate houses are fully furnished living spaces designed for people to stay on a temporary basis. Everything you need is available within the space itself. All you have to take care of is your clothes, personal belongings, and food.

There are different availabilities when it comes to housing options. Many corporate housing locations are inside apartment buildings, while others are houses you can live in on a short-term basis.

Who Uses Corporate Housing?

Almost anyone can take advantage of corporate housing for work, but there are some industries that use it more than others. It’s often used by employees who might be relocating from one city to another and need time to find a permanent home.

It’s also a great option for government employees on long-term assignments in different parts of the country. These furnished and serviced homes are popular in industries like:

  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Construction
  • Energy

As you can see, you don’t necessarily have to work in the business world to take advantage of corporate spaces. Corporate housing is even sometimes used by people who may have lost their home to a natural disaster, fire, etc. It can make the transition to finding a new place a bit easier than having to stay in a hotel or another short-term rental.

What Are the Perks of Corporate Housing?

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Corporate housing has many of the benefits of a nice hotel while still feeling more like a home. When you stay in a hotel, you typically either have to go out to eat or order room service. That can get tiring and expensive relatively quickly.

When you choose a corporate housing option, you’ll have a kitchen of your own that includes a fridge, oven, etc. It’s just like having an apartment kitchen. So, you can go grocery shopping and buy and cook the foods you enjoy. It’ll save you money and time and allow you to feel a bit more like you’re home.

Corporate housing also tends to provide more privacy and comfort than a standard hotel room. Though everything is furnished and already set up, when you’re staying for longer than 30 days, it’s easy to start to feel like you’re in your own home, rather than a room where the sheets get changed every night.

Finally, corporate housing tends to be more cost-effective. Many times, it includes all of your utilities, including internet and television. Plus, most of them have their own washer and dryer so you don’t have to pay for a service or use a laundromat.

Is Corporate Housing Right for You?

You don’t have to be in a specific industry to take advantage of the benefits corporate housing has to offer. Whether you need to relocate for a short period of time or you’re traveling across the country for a big work project, consider corporate housing for your next extended stay instead of living out of your suitcase at a hotel.