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Why Stay in a Corporate Apartment Instead of a Hotel?

When you’re traveling, there are many lodging and housing options to consider. While hotels are often the go-to choice, corporate housing has become a popular alternative option, especially in cities like Houston, where people often travel for business purposes. Corporate housing offers a greater variety of accommodations, including fully furnished apartments and luxury amenities, all at an affordable price.

Corporate housing is not only ideal for the business traveler. Families who are relocating, vacationers, and military personnel can all benefit from the flexibility that corporate housing offers. Corporate housing in Houston is able to accommodate both short- and long-term stays, making it extremely flexible.

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What Is Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing is temporary housing that offers greater flexibility and more amenities. Unlike booking a hotel room, you rent a corporate apartment for as long as needed.Corporate Retreats International allows stays for as short as three nights up to months at a time. In fact, most stays are long term. According to 2018 Corporate Housing Industry Report, in 2017, the average corporate housing stay was 78 nights.1

The report also found an increase in the number of corporate housing units. Since 2012, the number has grown by almost 19%. This means that the demand for temporary housing continues to increase. This is especially true in popular cities, especially Houston.

From city to city, corporate housing varies. Some accommodations offer a fully furnished and serviced apartment or condominium, while others have detached single-family homes. What is true for all corporate housing is that guests are able to enjoy fully equipped kitchens, housewares, and utilities—accommodations that the standard hotel room doesn’t offer.

Who Uses Corporate Housing?

Because corporate housing is so flexible, it truly works for anyone who is in need of temporary housing. Clients come from a wide range of industries, though the most common include entertainment, healthcare energy, construction, manufacturing, military, government, finance, banking, and technology sectors. No matter if you need somewhere to stay for 30 days or for three months, corporate housing offers exactly what you need.

Aside from business travelers visiting Houston or another city, corporate housing is also a suitable option for displaced homeowners. In fact, the latest Corporate Housing industry Report revealed about a third of U.S. corporate housing was used for relocation.2

Corporate housing is commonly used after a fire or a natural disaster, providing temporary housing while the home is being repaired or replaced. In this situation, corporate housing can be used as an affordable short-term rental that provides the necessary amenities for a family.

Vacationers can also benefit from corporate housing. By renting a corporate apartment that’s fully furnished, vacationers are able to avoid staying at a hotel that doesn’t meet their needs. Many times, extended stay hotels lack the comfort and homey feeling that corporate housing offers. No matter if you’re traveling to Houston, Austin, or some other city in Texas, corporate housing is the most practical option.

Benefits of Corporate Housing

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While there are plenty of housing options to choose from for a long-term or short-term rental, the benefits of corporate housing greatly outweigh those offered by extended stay hotels or an Airbnb. One of the biggest benefits is the affordability of corporate housing.

If you’re on a budget, staying at a corporate apartment instead of a hotel room can save you a lot of money. In fact, some furnished apartments cost as much as 40% less than staying at a hotel.3

With a fully equipped kitchen, you’re able to cook meals at home so that you can avoid the high expenses of eating out. While you’ll definitely want to checkout some the top restaurants in Houston, it’s nice to be able to cook at home to cut your wallet some slack.

Corporate apartments also offer other money-saving benefits such as:

  • A washer and dryer for laundry
  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Housekeeping and maid services
  • Amenities (i.e., cable, Wi-Fi, balconies, computer alcoves, etc.)

Another notable benefit of corporate temporary housing is its location. If your living situation has abruptly changed, you can find a corporate accommodation that allows you to stay in the area. This means that you can maintain your daily routine and schedule while also staying familiar with your environment.

For a business traveler or military personnel,location is crucial, as you can find a corporate apartment that’s conveniently located close to work, entertainment, and food. This makes being away from home a more positive experience.

By choosing corporate housing in Houston, you’re choosing affordability, flexibility, and convenience. Corporate apartments offer separate living and bedroom areas,washer and dryer units, flat-screen TVs, DVD players, and a personal address that you can use for mailing purposes. The fact is, you won’t find these amenities and conveniences in a hotel room.

Extended stay hotels also don’t offer much flexibility. If you’re looking to stay for varying periods of time,at a hotel you’ll be charged a daily rate along with other service fees. By choosing corporate temporary housing, you’re able to lease by the month and renew by the day or week,as needed to accommodate your needs and schedule.

At Corporate Retreats International, flexibility is our top goal. You can enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and freedom of corporate housing options whenever you need to. We offer immediate apartment move-ins and can accommodate for a long-term or short-term rental. We can also accommodate any other needs, such as handicap access or other disability needs.

Options, Options, Options: Things to Consider

When looking for temporary housing in Houston, it helps to know what corporate housing offers while also knowing the other housing options available to you. This way,you can ensure you’re making the best choice to meet your housing needs.

Extended stay hotels offer flexible housing and, to an extent, are furnished with the amenities you need on a daily basis. Most hotel rooms at an extended stay location offer items such as:

  • Kitchen items (appliances, utensils, dishes, etc.)
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Towels and other personal care items

While hotels offer these amenities, the quality and presence of these items vary by location. One extended stay hotel may offer everything you need, while another may offer the bare minimum. Hotel stays can also be more expensive and, in general, lack the comfort and home-like setting that you’ll find with corporate housing.

Another option for a long term or short term rental is Airbnb. With an Airbnb, you have the option to rent an entire home or a room, depending on your budget and needs. Airbnb stays are generally charged by the day or week but, generally, this temporary housing option isn’t used for stays longer than a month.

While an Airbnb offers amenities and a home setting in Houston, they can be extremely limiting, especially if you are sharing the home with others. You will have a fully furnished living area, likely to include a bed, closet, and basic personal care items, but you may have to share the washer and dryer, kitchen, and other parts of the home.

The bottom line is that corporate housing options are much more flexible, affordable, and accommodating. With corporate temporary housing, you’ll have access to everything you need to live comfortably both inside and outside of the home.

Get Help Finding Corporate Housing in Houston

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Once you’ve decided that corporate housing is the best option for you, the next step is to find a trusted company in Houston. At Corporate Retreats International, we offer affordable and flexible corporate housing offers. Our apartments are fully furnished and serviced, making our housing options convenient and hassle-free.

We offer one-, two-, and three-bedroom corporate housing packages, along with must-have amenities at affordable prices. Our packages allow for stays for as few as three nights or for several months! This makes our company the ideal option for military personnel, business travelers, and budget-conscious travelers.

All apartments are located in convenient areas throughout Houston, including Hanover Rice Village,Camden Vanderbilt, The Esplanade, The Amalfi, and The Elan Med Center. These locations are surrounded by plenty of dining options, entertainment, and other residential accommodations.

At Corporate Retreats International, our mission is to find the ideal temporary housing location that best meets your needs. To learn more about our luxury apartments,amenities, and advantages, browse our corporate housing locations or call our team at 713-665-7777.


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